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Scenemakers Spring Styled Shoot: Beekeeper Bride

The concept came to me in a dream and I saw a bride with a hat and veil on, as a beekeeper would wear, and this became the core of my design for this shoot, Beekeeper Bride. As honey bees circling around their queen we took in our natural surroundings of the garden, waited for the clouds, shot in the rain and ventured inside the mansion with a warm light, golden as honey. The beekeeper bride is one that sees those microscopic details that can so often be missed; the freckle of a foxglove, the way the light reflects off warm caramel, the soft hue of a tulip that almost resembles flesh. She keeps things simple, light & fresh. Scenemakers had the pleasure and honor of having this shoot featured on Junebug Weddings in July and would like to share images that have not been shown before.
xo, Karley